Introducing APS's Merchant Portal: Empowering Your Business Growth!

APS understands the challenges of managing multiple payment terminals across various locations. Our cutting-edge Merchant Portal revolutionizes terminal management, providing real-time insights, centralized data, and enhanced efficiency.

APS.Business|Merchant Portal

Seamless Integration

Unify your payment terminals effortlessly.

Unparalleled Visibility

Monitor transactions in real-time.

Terminal Performance Tracking

Analyze terminal efficiency.

Centralized Data Management

Simplify data handling.

Multi-Location Control

Manage separate locations seamlessly.

Enhance Efficiency

Optimize payment processes for growth.

Experience the ease of managing your fleet of payment terminals with APS's Merchant Portal and elevate your business to new heights!

Dashboard Management

You're in complete control with dashboards at every level

Report Management

Choose the parameters and run your own customised reports

Brand Management

Display and promote your brand, from terminals to templates

APS.Business|Merchant Portal

Reconciliations Management

Always know what is owed and what has been settled

Refunds Management

Remove all friction for refunds with a granular transaction history

User Management

Manage organisational vulnerability with complete user control

APS.Business|Merchant Portal

Discover the Full Potential of APS

Beyond Payments, APS Delivers a Complete Ecosystem of Resources, Insights, and Value, Ensuring You Are Always in Safe Hands.

Exceptional Support with APS: Count on Our In-House Expert Customer Support Team, Always Available to Assist You!

Faster Payments with APS: Experience Lightning-Speed Processing and Daily Account Deposits, Including Priority Payment Options for Added Convenience.