ADVANCED No Cost EFTPOS Terminal Solution

Discover a range of innovative and advanced payment terminals designed to meet your business needs at Advanced Payment Solutions (APS). Our cutting-edge terminals provide seamless and secure transaction processing, offering a convenient payment experience for both you and your customers. Explore our diverse selection of solutions tailored to different industries and unlock new possibilities for your business's success.

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About Us

At Advanced Payment Solutions (APS), headquartered in Australia, we specialize in providing cutting-edge payment solutions designed to streamline and secure transactions for businesses of all sizes. 

Our portfolio, including the versatile APS Mobile and Countertop Terminals, as well as our innovative Online Checkouts and APS PayLink, ensures a seamless payment experience. With a steadfast commitment to security through embedded 3DS2 technology, APS safeguards every transaction, positioning us as a trusted ally in the digital payments landscape. 

Dedicated to enhancing customer support and leveraging technologies like the Automatic Surcharge System, APS is your partner in navigating the complexities of modern payment processing.

Understanding the No Cost EFTPOS Terminal Solution with APS 

Zero-Cost EFTPOS through APS Terminal allows your business to transfer transaction fees directly to customers using an automated surcharging feature. 

This ensures you incur no card processing fees.

EFTPOS Without Fees

Activate surcharging whenever it benefits your business to enjoy the EFTPOS payment terminal without handling fees.

Contactless Transactions

Effortlessly accept payments by having customers tap their contactless cards or devices on the APS Terminal.

Chip Card Processing

For chip cards, customers insert their cards into the APS Terminal and enter their PIN on the prompt screen when required.

MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) Payments

Safely process orders are taken over the phone by manually inputting card details into the APS Terminal.

No Cost EFTPOS Terminal Solution

APS Mobile/ Handheld Terminal

This handheld wireless EFTPOS terminal allows businesses to accept payments on the go. It is compact, portable, and equipped with wireless connectivity, enabling transactions to be processed anywhere with a cellular or Wi-Fi network.

Buy Eftpos Terminal Solution

Have you got an Integrated smart pay EFTPOS terminal with a POS System? No waiting, no worries. Your APS Terminal seamlessly connects with over 540 software platforms.

Ideal for brick-and-mortar businesses, this terminal sits on the countertop and offers a user-friendly interface. It supports various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, contactless payments (NFC), and mobile wallet payments.

Experience the convenience of having everything you need at your fingertips, empowering you to streamline operations and drive success. Simplify your business with APS Terminals.





POS System Integration

Access your Point of Sale system directly from the terminal for seamless operations.


Reliable Connectivity

Stay operational even during internet outages as APS terminals automatically connect to the strongest signal available.


Stand Alone Mode

Accept payments without a functioning POS system using the built-in Stand Alone mode.


Advanced Functionality

Configure your terminal for features like tipping and other customizations.


Surcharging Management

Efficiently manage surcharging for each terminal.


Personalized Branding

Customize your terminal's screen with your own branding for a unique payment experience.

Dashboard Management

You're in complete control with dashboards at every level

Report Management

Choose the parameters and run your own customised reports

Brand Management

Display and promote your brand, from terminals to templates


Reconciliations Management

Always know what is owed and what has been settled

Refunds Management

Remove all friction for refunds with a granular transaction history

User Management

Manage organisational vulnerability with complete user control


Zero-cost EFTPOS provided by APS allows businesses to accept card payments without incurring transaction fees, by passing these fees onto the customers through automated surcharging. It’s a no cost, no-lock-in contract solution aimed at enhancing your business operations.

With APS’s no cost EFTPOS solution, there are no direct costs for running an EFTPOS machine for the business owner. This service is designed to eliminate card processing fees for the business.

Businesses interested in APS’s innovative and advanced payment terminals, looking to provide convenient payment experiences for their customers while avoiding transaction fees, are eligible for no cost EFTPOS. Specific eligibility criteria may apply and can be clarified by contacting APS directly.

APS offers a comprehensive refund management system, ensuring a smooth process for both businesses and customers. This includes detailed transaction histories to facilitate hassle-free refunds.

APS terminals support various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and contactless payments, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of card types.

Getting started with APS’s EFTPOS involves contacting us directly via phone or email to discuss your business needs and set up the service. APS provides seamless integration with over 540 software platforms, making the setup process streamlined for businesses.

APS terminals are designed with advanced functionality and reliable connectivity, ensuring secure and seamless transaction processing. Specific security measures should be confirmed directly with APS.

Yes, APS terminals are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing POS system, providing direct access to your Point of Sale system from the terminal for simplified operations.

APS terminals are equipped with advanced solutions ensuring fast and reliable transaction processing. Their capability for strong signal connectivity means you can expect smooth and swift transactions, even during internet outages.

Yes, APS allows for personalised branding on their terminals. This means you can customise the terminal’s screen with your business’s branding, offering a unique payment experience for your customers and reinforcing your brand identity during transactions.

APS terminals are designed to automatically connect to the strongest signal available, ensuring reliable connectivity at all times. This feature guarantees that your business stays operational, even in the face of internet outages, by switching to the most robust network connection available.