Effortless Self-Service Payments with APS: Accept Payments Anywhere, Anytime

APS excels in unattended payments, empowering you to accept transactions from various automated devices such as kiosks, vending machines, parking meters, and more. With complete confidence, you can process payments without the need for physical presence. Embrace the convenience and reliability of unattended payments with APS.

APS.Business|Self-Service Payments

Unleash Your Business Anytime, Anywhere with Instant Self-Service Payments

Transform your business with instant self-service payments. Embrace seamless transactions that transcend physical boundaries, enabling convenient and autonomous payments. Expand your reach and seize new opportunities by becoming an "anytime" business, available "here, there, and everywhere."

APS.Business|Self-Service Payments


APS.Business|Self-Service Payments


APS.Business|Self-Service Payments


APS.Business|Self-Service Payments


Behind the Scenes of APS Seamless Payment Experience


Instant Fraud Check

APS advanced technology performs real-time card fraud checks, ensuring secure transactions for both you and your customers.


Swift Transaction Processing

Payments are processed within seconds, providing a seamless and efficient payment experience for your customers.


On-the-Spot Goods Delivery

With quick payment processing, customers can receive their goods or services immediately, enhancing their shopping experience.


Fast and Secure Payment Receipt

You receive a prompt and secure payment, minimizing delays and providing peace of mind.


Same-Day Account Deposits

Your funds are swiftly deposited into your account on the same day, allowing for better cash flow management.


Enhanced Shopping Convenience

Customers enjoy added convenience by making payments at their own pace, anytime and anywhere.


24/7 Business Availability

With APS's technology, your brand operates around the clock, offering continuous service to customers and maximizing your business potential.