Elevate Customer Loyalty with APS: Boost your business & delight your customers!

Transform your business with APS EFTPOS terminals and empower your customers with access to discounted gift cards from over 150 national retailers through our partnership with the Ping Pay Benefits program. Our Customer Loyalty Program is free with a variety of our APS EFTPOS terminals.

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Free customer loyalty program

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Offer your customers access to discounted gift cards from a wide range of national retailers, incentivizing repeat business and fostering long-term loyalty

Business Growth

By integrating APS EFTPOS terminals and Ping Pay Benefits into your business, you can attract new customers and retain existing ones, driving sales growth and increasing revenue.

Value-added Service

Stand out from the competition by providing your customers with added value through access to exclusive discounts on gift cards, creating a positive and memorable shopping experience.

customer loyalty program

Unlock Exclusive Savings for Your Customers with our Customer Loyalty Program!

Why customer loyalty programs work

Customer loyalty programs are invaluable tools for businesses, fostering stronger connections with customers and encouraging repeat purchases. By rewarding loyalty, businesses not only increase customer retention but also boost overall sales and profitability.

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Discounts at over 150 National Retailers!

Ping Pay Benefits offers unparalleled value by providing customers access to discounted gift cards from over 150 national retailers, empowering them to save on everyday purchases and enhancing their shopping experience.

Retailers include large department stores like Kmart and Target as well as grocery stores such as Coles & Woolworths!

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