About APS

APS (Advanced Payment Solutions) is a leading provider of cutting-edge payment solutions to businesses of all sizes, headquartered in Australia. Our comprehensive range of products and services empowers businesses to streamline payment processes, expand their reach, and boost sales in the fast-paced digital era. From innovative Terminals, including the APS Mobile Terminal for on-the-go transactions and the APS Countertop Terminal for brick-and-mortar stores, to Online Checkouts and contact-free payment links, APS ensures seamless and secure transaction processing.

With a focus on security, APS offers the APS PayLink for effortless contact-free payments and Self-Service Payments to accept transactions from automated devices. Our Merchant Portal provides real-time visibility and customized reports for businesses to manage their payments efficiently. With embedded 3DS2 secure technology, APS safeguards customers and businesses from potential fraud. APS's commitment to customer support and the revolutionary Automatic Surcharge System further cements our position as a trusted ally for businesses seeking success in the digital age.